Making Money on Amazon Sites Look Ahead

Currently, many people tell me that amazon is another way to make money online. For Adsense sites, there are too many risks and there are lots of dependence with Google. As I am new in the Adsense area, I can not say anything about it. But, if I can find another way to make more money, why not try it out?

Learning from my friend, I will start to do some homework first. For amazon site, the keywords or the niche is the king. Which product you choose, or what kind of keywords you use will determine if you can survive in this amazon affiliate game. There are some tips from my friends and I will use them as my guideline when I try to start my amazon adventure.
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Create Adsense Website in 5 Steps

Last year, I started the Adsense Website Program. After 8 months hard working, it is the first time I reach $1000 target. Different from my friends, I use four sites to reach the goal (but he only uses one). What I did is just follow the process to build the website. You can read the original post How to make 1000 per month in adsense with 1 site

Step 1: adsense niche selection

  • Information based
  • Have new products being introduced constantly (will explain why later)
  • The niche must have high CPC in general (over USD1 per click)

Step 2: Set up the site and post a couple of articles on it
Step 3: Build 100+ backlinks
Step 4: New post that target new products
Step 5: Backlink your most profitable articles until they are number one

2011 Adsense Monthly Earning Report
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Build Adsense Sites with Long Tail Keywords

I have worked on adsense sites for almost six months. And I already have seven sites, including this one. But the result is not as good as what I expect. Currently i have only two sites which can earn money, and other sites are all hibernating now. I already spent near $2000, and not break even yet. I have to say, this approche is quite difficult for beginners. And now I can understand why some many people give up. But it is the truth that only 20% of players will win the game like this, maybe less.

But I still strongly believe it is possible to build sites which can earn $1000 per month, especially with my friends help and his articles. I write this post is try to remind me about some key points after I read my friend Aaron’s article “backlink long tail keywords“. Here I don’t want to explain what’s are long tail and long tail keywords. I just want to record some tips that I need to remember when I carry out my own website.
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Hello The Money World!

“Hello world”, it is a very famous word in the programming world. Why do i use it as start of my first post? Because i’m a programmer.

As a programmer, I look forward to have a free style life. I want to sleep late and code at night, and wake up at 10 am instead of 7 am. I want to work any where I want, because for programming job, you just need a laptop and internet to start your work.

It may happen for rare people, but for many of us, it just happens in the movie. The fact is many programmers work in the office. As professional as you can, you need to wake up early, wear well, and reach your office seat at 9 o’clock. And you must stay in the office whole the day, even you have nothing to do. But if you are busy, excuse me, you need OT. And the next day, you just follow the rules and repeat the things.
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