OTG USB Adapter Connecting USB Device to Android Micro USB Tablet

The OTG USB Adapter is used to connect devices which have micro USB with full size USB device. For example, if you have an Android tablet which only has a micro usb port, but you want to connect your full size USB mouse or keyboard to that device, then you need an OTG USB Adapter.

Currently, almost of all the Android tablets only have micro USB port, so the factory can make the tablets as thin as possible. Some windows tablets also only have micro USB port. As I know, only the Microsoft Surface tablet has both micro USB port and full size USB port.
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Microsoft Surface Tablets Review 2015

The Microsoft surface is the flagship tablet product to conquer the tablet market, mainly against the iPad from Apple and Android tablets from Google. In 2015, Microsoft has released the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3. Surface 3 is a 10 inch Windows tablet and Surface Pro is a 12 inch tablet with high screen resolution as well. Both of them are truly powerful to give you a better experience on tablet. Surface are considered as the best Windows tablets. This windows tablet just work like a laptop which is running windows, but it performs better than a laptop. The Surface windows tablet gathers the productivity features you need, has a long battery life and comes with a cheaper price than laptops.

We are using Microsoft Windows for more than 30 years. Now, Microsoft Surface enables us to use Windows on tablet, the same experience or even better experience. When you are using Windows tablet, you are able to use all Windows desktop software like Office Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, and Photoshop on tablet. Microsoft Surface moves your experience from laptop to tablet seamlessly.
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Move Google SVN Repository To Local Server

In last year, I set up my personal SVN server with VisualSVN and Microsoft One Drive. Currently, the system is running quite well. Therefore, I decide to move all my Google SVN Repository project to my personal SVN server. Bascially, moving a SVN repository from one server to another server is a very simple job. You can easily backup the repository and restore it on the new server. However, Google doesn’s allow you to remote login their server and run svnadmin dump command. The command svnadmin dump doesn’t work with URL. So I have to find a way to backup Google SVN repository and restore it to my local server.

svnadmin dump
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How To Read And Write Windows Folder Or File in UTF8

When you are working on Windows, sometimes you may meet a problem like your code cannot find the folder or file by the giving name. But when you manually check it, the specific folder or file exists in the give path. This problem always comes out when your folder name or file name is Unicode characters, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Tamil.

For example, the Chinese character in Windows is not encoded by UTF8, but CP936 (CP936 is considered the same as GBK, though they are different). Code page 936 (CP936) is Microsoft’s character encoding for simplified Chinese. Though it was superseded by BG18030(code page 54936), but it was still used in Windows 7 and later version.

This encoding problem also happens when you copy some files from windows to linux. In Linux, the locale is set to UTF-8. Hence, when you copy the files from windows, whose file name is encoded in gbk or gb18030, the files name will become unreadable.
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