Working with Date and Date Format in Javascript

Several days ago, one of my friend ask me for help. He wrote a piece of Javascript code, which will select two day’s date from the Calendar, then show both of them in a certain format. There is one extra task, calculate the number of days between two selected dates.

The problem he met was that all functions worked properly in Chrome. But when he run this Javascript in Safari, he always got NaN when he used new Date(dateString) to create Date object. Furthermore, this script was working perfectly several days ago.
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5 Best Free Website Builders to Build Your Website for Free

Nowadays, there are thousands of tools to help us to build websites for free. But it is too hard to find the best one and the most suitable one for us. Therefore, I think it is very necessary to have a free website builders comparison. So we can rate the best free website builder basing on this comparison. By the way, this is just a personal opinion basing on my own experiences. Here are the Top 5 website builders for free.
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iPad, Android Tablet, or Kindle – What’s The Best Tablet Should I Buy

Christmas is fast approaching. And whenever this season of the year comes, the first thing that comes to my mind is making a list of presents that I plan to buy for each member of my family. I’m an avid fan of android tablets. However, it will not be a perfect gift for my wife since she loves iPad more. Perhaps it’s because my wife is a teacher and the iPad comes handy and very useful in the practice of her career. Aside from my wife, I also need to prepare a gift plan for my two old parents as well.

Though there are many varieties of tablets in the market. But there are only 4 main types of tablets we can buy.
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Solve PHP Server Disk Storage Over Quote Problem

After I release a free web server, my PHP server is suffering from resource exhausting problem. The main problem is my server disk storage over quote. The problem is too serious because after the disk is full, I cannot login the cPanel. After that, all my website is down. As I am saving session in the file. After the disk is full, the login function doesn’t work any more because session cannot create new file to save the data.

The only solution for this situation is updating my server or finding a way to keep disk having enough space. Because of the budget issue, I don’t have enough money to upgrade server. So the only way to solve problem is keeping the disk having enough space all the time.
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iOS Upload Image from Gallery or Camera to Server Side

Today, one of my friends asked me how to select photos from gallery and upload it to server in iPhone. I think it is much helpful to write a tutorial with example source code, instead of asking him to google the solution. To make sure that my example works properly (it always works properly though), I will write a server side function which accepts the upload images. The server side functions will be implemented by PHP, a very simple script language. After that, I will write another tutorial for upload images from gallery or camera in iPhone and iPad.
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