Connect Xbox to Wireless Internet Ready HDTV with HDMI Cable

Xbox game systems take entertainment to the next level. Xbox One and Xbox 360 aren’t just for playing Xbox games—both systems are multimedia centers that can stream videos, music, connect to the web, and so much more. If you are interested in hooking up your Xbox One or Xbox 360 to your TV, read on to find out more about the systems and the best ways to enjoy them in your home.
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How to Connect Wireless Internet Enabled HDTV to Internet

It is quickly becoming the normal televisions to be internet enabled, because it makes access to streaming services (such as the big names of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video) easier and faster than ever before. And when you combine that internet capability with the quality of an HDTV, you have the recipe for a great TV and movie experience!

If you are unsure about how to connect your internet enabled HDTV to wireless internet, you are not alone! The following is a handy guide to connect your wireless internet enabled HDTV to your internet service.
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Best Wireless Internet Ready HDTV Review 2015

If you asked someone ten years ago whether or not their television was “internet ready,” they would have assumed you were out of your mind. Today, however, internet ready TVs are quickly becoming the standard due to the huge jump in people using the internet to stream movies and television shows. Services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more are making it commonplace for people to want TVs with built-in internet access—instead of forcing them to fumble around with cables and wireless routers and other gadgets.

There are a lot of wireless internet ready HDTVs out there on the market. Let’s take a look at four HDTVs which are the best of the best in their niche.
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The Architecture Design for Web Application

These days, I have reviewd all my web applications which were finished in the past few years. The biggest web application project is build with .Net and C#. The rest small projects are written in PHP. As .Net provide a powerful framework, the whole project is well structured. I think it will be a good example to show you how to design a web application with a standard and well designed architecture.

When we design a web application, usually for big web application, we will adope the classic three layers architecture. From the top to bottom, three layers are presentation lay, business logic lay (BLL), and data access layer (DAL). Some people also name the DAL as persistence layer in Java.
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The Best Way to Store User Time in Database Regarding Server Locale Time zone

When we are designing an app for worldwide customers, it is always a headache problem for dealing with time for customers from different countries and different time zone. It is quite easy to get confused with our server locale and how to store the time data in local server for each customers. This problem description is a little bit abstract. Please let me give you a real example to explain the problem in details and I am gonna show you several ways to handle the user date and time in database server.

Several days ago, I am developing my project “Google Translate Voice Mp3 Downloader” and redesign the database which will record the user request for each word and store the download record. Here is how my database looks like:
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