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License Type Description Price  
Silver Pack For personal usage
No Affiliate System
Online Email Support
Gold Pack For commercial usage
All Features Available
Personal Support
$99 $59.99
Platinum Pack For deep customization
All Features Available
Personal Customization
Contact Us

Silver PackIf you have IT background knowledge or you are an expert in PHP and MYSQL, you can choose Silver Pack. This ecommerce platform is a pure PHP-MySQL based system. We will provide installation, integration and configuration support via email. You can also find deployment guide here which will guide you to install and configure the system step by step.

Gold PackFor commercial website, you should consider to buy a Gold Pack. Gold Pack comes with 1-year of support, including step by step installation support, configuration, system upgrade and security updates. The support period can be extended by buying a new commercial pack. Here is what you get when you buy a Gold Pack:

  • JMS Digital Goods Ecommerce Platform
  • JMS Affiliate Programme Platform (only avaialble in Gold Pack)
  • Step by step support to help you integrate the system
  • Security updates for 1 year

Platinum PackIf you need deep customization service, you can choose our Platinum Pack, we will help you to customize our Ecommerce Platform to fit your existing system. For new features and any other improvement, please contact us here.

If you have any questions regarding the service pack, feel free to contact us here.