Samsung Galaxy Tab S Android Tablet Review 2015

On April 13, 2015, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

As an Android mobile and tablet giant, Samsung has a big Android product family. Till 2015, Samsung has released their new Android phone Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge and Galaxy S 6 after their last Android phone Samsung Galaxy Note Edge released in late 2014. In the Android tablet product line, their high-end tablet Galaxy Tab S was released in July 2014 which can still be considered as one of the best Android tablets in the world. To meet the all needs of world wide customers, Samsung also has an inexpensive but high performance Android tablet Galaxy Tab 4 which comes in 8 inch and 10 inch screen as well. Here is my Samsung android tablet review which may help you to choose the right one.
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Android Phone Tablet Screen Size and Density

On October 21, 2013, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

Because of varieties of screen size and density of Android phone, it is very hard for Android developers and Android UI designers to work on Android devices. To create an Android app, we try to do our best to make it compatible as many Android devices as possible. Therefore, I think it is necessary to summarize an Android device screen size and density table to help android developers and designers to check from time to time. This table doesn’t cover all the android phones and tablets.

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How to Add Smart Banners in Your Android and iPad Apps

On April 4, 2013, in Android, Android Phone and Tablet, Make Money Online, by James Liu

A new ad unit, Smart Banner, is introduced after AdMob v6.0. This new ad banner make us able to render multiple size of ads on any screen size, regardless it is Portrait or landscape. Lack of screen size standard, there are too many different screen size mobiles and tablets we are using in the world. It make us too hard to create our apps to fit with all the types of screen size.

Smart Banner help us to solve the screen size problem. It smartly detect the width and height of the phone in current orientation and decide to show the most suitable size of ads in our apps. One piece of code can solve the problem to show different size ads in different device where our apps are running. For example, the Smart Banner can show either 320×50 or 360×50 size ads in portrait mode. While in landscape mode, it will show an ad in 480×32 or 682×32 which is depending on the height of the phone.

Download and Try The Example App

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How to Choose Tablets Between iPad mini, Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD

On October 25, 2012, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

These days, I decide to buy my first tablet. However, it is very hard for me to choose because there are so many tablets released this year. Currently, Apple has three iPad tablets products, iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad with retina. Google also released their first android tablet, Google Nexus 7. At the same time, Amazon updated their Kindle Fire to Kindle Fire HD in 7 inch screen and 8.9 inch screen. Another big tablets vendor, Samsung also release several tablets in different models.
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AdMob Mediation, Add Different Ad Networks in Your Android Apps

On August 12, 2012, in Android, by James Liu

When we check your AdMob income statements, we always find that the fill rate is never reach 100%. Even after we set our AdMob ads to use keyword targeted ads and Google certified ad networks to improve fill rate, the ads are still filled at a rate between 92% to 97%. For example, I have three apps which are using AdMob ads, the fill rate in the past three month are 92.72%, 96.70% and 98.46%.

To maximize the ads fill rate, AdMob introduces AdMob Ad network mediation, which works with Adfonic, AdMob, BrightRoll, Hunt Mobile Ads, iAd, InMobi, Jumptap, Millennial Media and MobFox. We can use custom events to display ads from other ad networks which are not supported in adMob Ad Network Mediation. Not only the banner size, it also mediates interstitial formats and tablet size formats on all Android device, iPhone and iPad.
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