Add Admob Ads in Flash Based Android Apps

For many flash game designers and developers, Android platform is one of the best targets for them to monetize their games. However, without the native support from main advertisement platform like Admob, making money is becoming impossible with free android games. Start from Flash cs5.5, Flash Air gives us a method to use functions from outside native library. For example, we can control Android device volume or device display brightness by native Java code. As we make it as a native extension library, and we can call functions in this library from Flash.

With Flash Air native extensions, we can integrate Admob in flash games and publish them in google play and app store. In this tutorial, I will show some examples about how to write an Admob Flash Air native extensions, and how to put Admob Ads in the flash games.

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4 Ways to Show Loading Spinner in HTML Page

These days I am working on a new project, which will use Ajax to update the HTML pages. Because of the latency of internet, it may take 0.1s to 10s to response an Ajax calling and refreshing the HTML page. Hence, we have to show something like loading spinner duration this time. To give a great user experience, our designer provides several fancy loading spinners and some of these loading animation are even hard to be implemented by normal html and css. I have tried several ways to show these loading spinner in HTML page.

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Create Animation in IOS Apps With PNG Sequence Files

There are thousands of questions about how to use flash animation in IOS apps because the iphone apps and ipad apps don’t support the flash animation files, or swf format file. Now, I have a solution for it. We can convert the flash animation into png files and load the png sequence in iphone, ipad apps to simulate the animation.

In Adobe Flash CS6, there are two new features to export MovieClip animation to a set of png sequence files or png sprite sheet. In this IOS programming tutorial, I will show you an example about how to export the MovieClip to png sequence files and animate png files in IOS apps.
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Create Sprite Sheet From Flash For HTML5

We talked about creating sprite sheet from gif file last time. In this post, I will talk about how to create sprite sheet from flash. Compare with creating sprite sheet from gif file, exporting sprite sheet from Flash is much easier if you are using Flash cs6.

In the latest Flash CS6, there are two new features which is specially designed for HTML 5. You can check the HTML5 features in flash cs6 for details. Here, I am wanna talk about a very useful feature for HTML 5 games. Flash sprite sheet generation can export the MovieClip animation to sprite sheet in a second. Let’s see the flash animation first.

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Change CheckBox Style in Flex 3

These days, I am working on a new Flex 3 project. Since new Flex SDK 4.6 was released several months ago, it is very hard to find any resources for Flex 3, especially for the Flex 3 Skin tutorials. All Flex 3 components are using the halo theme styles. After Flex 4.0, the new spark theme styles are involved and the process to customize skin become much more flexible. The spark theme styles allow programmer to change more styles, but it also becomes more complicated to create and apply new style. Changing checkbox style in Flex 3 is a very simple job. If you know how to change Button style in Flex 3, there will not be any problems for you to change CheckBox style.
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