NeuTab 7 Inch Android Tablet Review 2016

Update 2016:
In 2016, if you want to own a powerful Android tablet under 100, you have a better choice now. The Fire tablet, which is from Amazon, is starting shipping for $49.99.

Fire tablet has 7 inch display, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, which is newer and more powerful than NeuTab 7 inch Android tablet.

Get it cheaper on Amazon

If you are trying to buy an Android tablet under 100 with fully functional, then you can consider this tablet, NeuTab 7 Inch Android tablet or its sibling NeuTab 7 Pro. NeuTab 7 is one of the best budget android tablets which has dual camera, HDMI port, and USD 2.0 port. This budget tablet has good specs and an even better price tag to match. With this dirt cheap price, NeuTab 7 is fully functional to handle any app or game.

If you want to buy an Android tablet under 100 dollars soon, I highly recommend you the NeuTab 7 Pro, the upgrade version of NeuTab 7. It is first released in 2015, with quad core processor which is 70% faster than the older version NeuTab 7. Most importantly, it is better than old version, but even cheaper. It only cost $49.99 and you will get a fully functional android tablet with quad core processor, dual camera, and full usb port. Now, let’s see what you can get with NeuTab 7 Pro.
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Integrate PayPal Digital Goods Express Checkout Into Website

Once Apple introduce the in-app-purchase, purchase digital goods inside app becomes one acceptable way for users accessing videos, audios, eBooks, virtual goods easily. Therefore, in-website-purchase should be the correct way for user to purchase digital goods inside Website. PayPal released a new payment way which enable us to purchase digital goods smoothly in website.

The first time I was using the Paypal is 4 years ago. At that time, my friend and I want to create a social site using PHP and integrate the Paypal as our main payment gateway. Then, in the second time, I implemented the Paypal in my CMS site, which is an simple donation button. I think it is time to use Paypal again, because it provide a new payment way, PayPal for Digital Goods.

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Guide for Beginners: Start to Monetize Your Apps with AdMob

Several friends of mine are creating Apps to earn money on both Android and IOS platforms. Most of them provide their apps for free and use AdMob to monetize their apps. In this business model, they have meet lots of problems in the past few months, and there are still some issues they are facing now. After talking with these guys, I think it will be very helpful to share some tips about monetize free apps by AdMob with those people who want to try but haven’t tried yet.
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Samsung Galaxy S II Contract Price $199

Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II contract release date in AT&T is October 2nd. As everyone expects, Samsung Galaxy S II contract is published on AT&T website. With two years contract, Samsung Galaxy S II price is only $199.99. It is so surprised that you can just save $350 if you want to take it with minimum data services $15 per month. If you want to buy it with no commitment price, you will need to pay around $550. For those who don’t have android phone and any contract package, it is a very cheap price.
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