save file in iPhone

Download and Save File in iPhone by Swift

In a modern iPhone app, a smooth user experience is quite important. To achieve this, caching the internet resources to local is a good approach. Therefore, to make the app more smoothly when users open it, downloading images and videos and saving them locally will quite improve the app starting speed. In the last tutorial, I have demonstrated how to download files by Swift 5 and watch the download status such as progress. The downloading task is controlled by 3 buttons: a start button to start, a pause button to pause and resume, a stop button to stop. In this tutorial, I will show how to save the downloaded file in local and open it by default in the iPhone. The whole tutorial is developed under the latest Swift.

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swift 5

Download File in Swift5 Start Pause and Resume

Several years ago, I post an article to demostrate how to implement download file features in iOS. In that article, I am using swift 2 to write all features including start, pause, resume and show progress. Lots of readers ask me to improve a new version with swift4 or swift5. As the language changes a lot, some of the APIs has been deprecated. That’s the reason why I write this artiel. In this article, I will use the latest version of Swift (current version is 5) to show you how to implement download file features.

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3 iphones

8 Best iPhone Tips & Tricks to Try

Each year in autumn, Apple has a tradition to surprise its fans with new devices, features, and new operating systems.

Thus Apple devices, including iPhones, have so many features that no matter if you purchased an iPhone yesterday or have been using it for two years, it is very unlikely that you don’t know all of the functionalities of this device.

To help you enjoy your Apple device even more, today, we want to share a list of 8 short tips & tricks about iPhones that you might not have known.

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joomla components

Joomla Extensions vs Components vs Modules vs Plugins

Joomla is a very powerful CMS with high scalability. Last time, I mentioned about WordPress vs Joomla in Joomla 4 news. That may not be 100% precisely true. But for my perspective, Joomla is a very suitable platform to build multi-functional site with thousands of extensions support.

In one simple comment, Joomla extension is similer with WordPress plugin, but the more complicated thing is, Joomla extension have several types, while WordPress has only one type.

In WordPress, everything is plugin. But in Joomla, it’s called the “extension”. The extension could be a component, a module or a plugin. To make it easier to understand, I move a picture from Joomla document.

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