Watching Your Website Rank in Google Search

On April 20, 2017, in Make Money Online, by James Liu

If you are going to run your business online, it is necessary to setup a website as well as Facebook page or Twitter account. You must need a way to show off your business online and have way to communicate with your customers. Depending on your business type, you need different strategies to enlarger the exposure of your business. If you are running a pure online business, let’s say all your customers are from online, then you must need to know this skill–search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is not just a technical skill, it’s also a marketing skill. For beginners, SEO is about how to put your website appear at the first position in google search result. Why must it be the first position in Google search result? It is because the website appearing at #1 in search result will get up to 32% of search traffic. #2 will get only 14%. The top 3 websites will get 56% of the total organic traffic. The more traffic you get, the more customers you will get, the more money you will earn.
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China 101 Guide for Business: Build Website in China

On October 23, 2016, in Make Money Online, by James Liu

China now becomes to be the 2nd world’s largest economies, and no one can ignore this huge market. Though the internet can expend the business cross the border, there are still lots of difficulties when we are doing online business targeting to Chinese market.

When I stayed in Singapore, the biggest problem for online business targeted China market is always the accessibility. This was a headache problem at that time. I setup a website to sale stuff to Chinese. However, my website was not reachable from China. After investigating the problem, my website hosting IP is banned by Chinese government. The fact is because of some policy issues, people inside China may not be able to access all websites out of China.

To make my website accessible, I switch to a Hong Kong hosting service. Then the second problem came out. The second problem for online business is connection speed. The slow connection speed will significantly affect the user experience when customers access the website from China.
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Android Mobile App Template For Website

On March 19, 2015, in Android, Make Money Online, by James Liu

If you have a website, it’s better to move it on the mobile as well. In a new mobile media report which is asserted by InMobi, consumers today spend nearly 60% of their time on the internet by mobile devices, comparing with their desktop or laptop. It is quite necessary to create a mobile version website or even a mobile app which serves the same functions as your website on mobile device.

There are lots of friends asking me for help to build a mobile website. The most difficult problem for them is they don’t have any mobile development experiences, though they are experts in building and running websites with WordPress templates. Since I already built an Android App for my website which is also powered by WordPress, I can share some experience with you.
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How To Make Your App Successful

On October 31, 2014, in Make Money Online, by James Liu

These two days, I am considering about how to acquire more users for my projects. It almost is the key to make my app successfully. Start from programming to thinking, it is a big jump actually. After reading the blog from Andrew Chen, I think there are something I have to write down, so that I can remember them once I need them.
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Android Design Business Tips for Beginner

On May 31, 2014, in Android, Make Money Online, by James Liu

These days, designing can be done with ease by using today’s modern technology. Unlike in the old days, you don’t need to draw images merely using pen and pencil. Today, you can create images in perfect shapes and design on your own PC. That’s where android technology comes very useful. This “robotic” technology is designed by Google which resembles or even exceeds human capabilities. Such type of operating system is used on mobile devices which can be employed in many ways, of which designing is one of them.

You can’t just jump into Android design business without knowing it and trying it out by yourself. When you have developed the skill to use it, you can start making money from your design business. Android operating system can be used to design applications. There are several important things that you need to remember when you start your android design business.
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