These days, designing can be done with ease by using today’s modern technology. Unlike in the old days, you don’t need to draw images merely using pen and pencil. Today, you can create images in perfect shapes and design on your own PC. That’s where android technology comes very useful. This “robotic” technology is designed by Google which resembles or even exceeds human capabilities. Such type of operating system is used on mobile devices which can be employed in many ways, of which designing is one of them.

You can’t just jump into Android design business without knowing it and trying it out by yourself. When you have developed the skill to use it, you can start making money from your design business. Android operating system can be used to design applications. There are several important things that you need to remember when you start your android design business.

Know what you are designing for

You need to thoroughly plan out your design and be certain what you want to make. You have to check whether you are designing for the brand or the device. This will help you know the user interface that you will be using. Especially when you are designing a game, it does matter if you use iPhone or Android devices. They do not work the same way for utilities. When you are using the design to represent a brand, you need to come up with a unique image. One example for this is Dropbox. This is elegantly designed which has affected the integrity of their site as well.

Use flexible sizes that fit various screen sizes

There are several android phone models in the markets. There are all with different specifications such as different screen size. Since android apps are mainly used on mobile phones, you need to watch out how it appears in different screen sizes. Hence, do not choose for a fixed width layout. Fluid layouts may work wonders when used for backgrounds. These are among the examples of layouts that stretch according to the browser used.

Remember the importance of choosing the right sets of graphics

Your Android app may come up with a size or resolution issue. Hence, better make all 3 sets of graphics namely for high density screens, low density screens and medium density screens. This resolve issues on cranked up designs when viewed in different sizes of screens.

Design business for Android wallpaper

For designers, android wallpaper could be a nice direction for android design business. Design wallpaper could be a piece of cake for graphic designers. The only problem is they don’t know how to create android wallpaper apps. But if they can find some suitable tutorial like this: Android Example in Real Wallpaper App, they can start design business without any difficulties.

Start to monetize your android app

There are two way to monetize the wallpaper app, selling the app in Google Play Store or give the app for free but embedded admob ads inside. For beginners, selling apps is more straight forward. But there are lots of marketing jobs to promote the app. If choosing free wallpaper apps, you will have to learning how to embed AdMob ads in Android app. It could be another challenge for you, even though there are some tutorials about it. Hence, if you are seriously considering Android for a design business then better start knowing about it more.

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