Huion Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet Review 2015

On July 7, 2015, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

Graphics tablets are an essential tool for modern artists, whether you prefer digital art or not. But there is a big problem that we artists face when it comes time to buy a new tablet: there are just so many options! There are hundreds of different graphics tablets to choose from on the market, and making that ultimate choice can be hard.

I have used my fair share of graphic tablets over the years, ranging from budget models to very expensive, professional-grade brands. The tablet we will be looking at today is the Huion Painting Drawing Graphics tablet, which most artists would consider as a budget drawing tablet model as it retails for just $76.99. I have used the tablet for several days now and I hope that my observations will help other people in making a decision about buying the Huion tablet.


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The specs are the first thing that artists tend to look at. The specs of the Huion tablet are above average for a budget model. The active work area is 10″ by 6.25”, and it has a pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels. The resolution measures out to 5080 lines per pinch. It also comes with a rechargeable–not battery powered–stylus.

I find that the work area is a great size for graphics tablets, as it measures about the same as medium-sized artist paper. This is ideal for beginners because you won’t have to adjust your drawing motions too much, and it’s great for experienced artists like me because it’s a pretty much standard size.

The pressure sensitivity is fine, and the only major difference that I found between the Huion and my more expensive graphics tablets was a slight difference in the overall response rate. But unless you’re obsessed with timing response rates like I am, you probably won’t really notice.


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The stylus is slim and, as I mentioned before, rechargeable. This is something of a hot button issue in the artist community—are rechargeable or battery operated styluses better? Personally, I prefer rechargeable mainly because some battery operated styluses tend to slow down and “putter out” when the battery wears down, whereas the rechargeable styluses operate perfectly even when they are on a low charge. The downside to rechargeable stylus pens is that you do have to remember to recharge them on a regular basis, which can be a pain if you’re on the go.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the overall design. The design is standard and features express keys on the side for your most basic functions. I love express keys a lot because they make it very easy to do some basic things, like transfer images, undo actions, etc.; the express keys aren’t customizable, but they are fine for beginners. If you’re an experienced artist with some pretty niche express key expectations, you might want to consider a model that lets you customize things.

Overall, the Huion Painting Drawing graphics tablet is a great option for beginners or artists who prefer no-frills tablets.


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