China now becomes to be the 2nd world’s largest economies, and no one can ignore this huge market. Though the internet can expend the business cross the border, there are still lots of difficulties when we are doing online business targeting to Chinese market.

When I stayed in Singapore, the biggest problem for online business targeted China market is always the accessibility. This was a headache problem at that time. I setup a website to sale stuff to Chinese. However, my website was not reachable from China. After investigating the problem, my website hosting IP is banned by Chinese government. The fact is because of some policy issues, people inside China may not be able to access all websites out of China.

To make my website accessible, I switch to a Hong Kong hosting service. Then the second problem came out. The second problem for online business is connection speed. The slow connection speed will significantly affect the user experience when customers access the website from China.

Therefore, the best solution to expend your online business into China is setting up a local website to server local people. However, it is not so simple as we did. Let me have a comparison about building a website inside China and outside China.

Outside China Inside China
Domain Registration GoDaddy Aliyun
Hosting Service GoDaddy Aliyun
Domain Name Certification in Gov No Yes
Hosting Service Certification in Gov No Yes

To build up a website in the normal way, we only need to register a domain name and rent a hosting service. Then point the domain name to the hosting. But when we want to setup a website in China, we have to do more jobs. After getting the domain name and hosting ready, we need to provide the ID card photo copy and register both domain name and hosting in government. Otherwise, the government will force to shutdown the website. The whole registration process needs to be done within 45 days.

For foreign person or companies want to run online business in China, one way to pass this registration is hiring a Chinese to do all these paper work. If you need such service, please contact us.

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