Android Infinite Loop Gallery

Today, I wanna introduce how to make an android infinite loop gallery. This new gallery actually basing on the android gallery, but not really extends from it. The default android gallery can provide a common gallery function. For the common usage, you can easily get the example code from Android Gallery Example: Widget Gallery. But for some advanced usage, it has lots of limitations, for example, infinite loop. Here, I will tell you why and how to create a gallery which has the infinite loop feature.

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Call Actionscript Functions By Javascript

I wrote a tutorial “Call Javascript Functions From Flash and Flex” about how flash calls javascript function. I think it is necessary to write another tutorial about how the javascript function calls actionscript function inside flash. See the example below:

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Call Javascript Functions From Flash and Flex

Today, I try to call a Javascript function from flash, and it take me a long time to write the actionscript code to solve it. I think it’s necessary to post it online to help other peoples. In this tutorial, I just put a flash button in stage, and then call the javascript function when user clicks this button. If you want to call javascript function from flex, u can use the actionscript code in the same way.

Call Javascript Function From Flash Example

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