Html5 Games Development With Flash CS6 And CreateJS

This month I am quite busy with my new project, converting flash game into HTML 5. Once iPhone and iPad came out, they announced that they would not support flash in their browsers and they suggest to use HTML5 to implement browser multimedia applications. At that time, lots of flash developers decided to move their focus on HTML5 and tried to migrate their flash apps to HTML 5. As my opinion, the most difficulty part to create Html 5 games is lack of tools to speedup the development. Unlike Flash IDE, creating html5 games for iPad or android tablets is a very tough job. Without develop tools, we need to write the html code, CSS and javascript piece by piece. It may take a very long time to program a character or a game scene in html 5.
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Rotate Around a Point by Matrix Precisely

In early this year, I post a article about rotating a shape around a point. And there are many feedback on that post and many friends point out that my example doesn’t rotate precisely. Especially when we try to rotate the graphic with 1 degree each time, the result goes obviously wrong after rotating 360 which meaning rotating 360 times with 1 degree. I need to say “Thank you” to Dubey that he point it out to me.

Basing on Dubey’s scenario, I find out that there is a precision issue in the rotation calculation. In the flash rotation example, I just rotate the graphic 45 degree each time, which works perfectly. The reason is when we convert the degree to radian, there is no precision problem.
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Load Flash SWF into iPad Application

Once Adobe released their Flex Air which enable flash developers to create IOS (iPhone & iPad) applications, it is possible to load the swf into iPad applications. But after testing from several times, I just find out it is not so good as what I thought. First, let me explain how to load flash into iPad application which is made by Air 3.0.

As Flash developers or Flex developers, we know that actionscript 3 allows us to load the external resource such as image, or swf file by using Loader in flash, or Image and swfLoader in Flex. The latest flash cs5.5 and Flex 4.5 can also let us compile our flash applications to IOS native applications. So this is the solution to load external flash swf by iPad application, creating a IOS native application by Flash cs5.5 or Flex 4.5, which is using Loader or swfLoader to load the external swf. There is a simple code snap in Flash:
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Add Admob in Flash Android Air Application

Admob is a mobile advertising and monetization solutions from a trusted name in mobile advertising. As mobile advertising method, it supports all the main platform, such as android app, iPad app, iPhone app, mobile web, webOS app, and Windows Phone 7 app. For flash, it only support the flash lite, which is not widely used in the latest mobile technology. For the latest flash cs5.5, it already integrates the support for Android Air application and iphone application. For flash developers, there is still a way to embed admob ads in their flash application for android and iphone. Read more