Flash Games on Android Example

Since the adobe release the latest flash cs 5.5, the development of flash games on android becomes much simple. Flash developers don’t need to learn the java language and complicated android development. They can easily migrate their flash games on android platform and sell them on android application markets. You can check more details about the Flash CS5.5 Android Development Features. Here I will give you an very simple flash games on android example. In the example, I will render a animated role on the stage and deploy the project as android application. Read more

Flash CS5.5 Android Development

Flash CS5.5 natively supports android development now. That’s a very good news for flash developers. Because, the flash programmers can development one project and deploy it in multiple platforms like iphone, ipad, android, and playbook. You can ready another post Flash Games on Android Example to see how simple to make a flash games on android. Here I just talk about some features for android development.
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Flash Flex Rotate Around a Point by Matrix

The Flex provides a lots of functions about Matrix Transformation functions. Using these matrix functions, we can implements 2D transformation in a very easy way. For 2D transformation, the most common transformation is Translate, Scale, Rotate, and Skew. By default, all these transformations are according to the Top-Left point, (0, 0) point. For example, when we set a rotation as 45 in a canvas, the canvas will rotate 90 degrees around (0,0), as figure 1 shown. The Scale and Skew also use the same rule to transformation. But lots of times, we want to rotate a canvas, movieclip, or an image, around a certain point, for example, rotate it around center point, as figure 2 shown. In this post, I will show you how to make a rotation around a point.

Default Rotation ExampleRotate Around Center Example

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Call Actionscript Functions By Javascript

I wrote a tutorial “Call Javascript Functions From Flash and Flex” about how flash calls javascript function. I think it is necessary to write another tutorial about how the javascript function calls actionscript function inside flash. See the example below:

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Call Javascript Functions From Flash and Flex

Today, I try to call a Javascript function from flash, and it take me a long time to write the actionscript code to solve it. I think it’s necessary to post it online to help other peoples. In this tutorial, I just put a flash button in stage, and then call the javascript function when user clicks this button. If you want to call javascript function from flex, u can use the actionscript code in the same way.

Call Javascript Function From Flash Example

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