4 Ways to Show Loading Spinner in HTML Page

These days I am working on a new project, which will use Ajax to update the HTML pages. Because of the latency of internet, it may take 0.1s to 10s to response an Ajax calling and refreshing the HTML page. Hence, we have to show something like loading spinner duration this time. To give a great user experience, our designer provides several fancy loading spinners and some of these loading animation are even hard to be implemented by normal html and css. I have tried several ways to show these loading spinner in HTML page.

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Create Animation in IOS Apps With PNG Sequence Files

There are thousands of questions about how to use flash animation in IOS apps because the iphone apps and ipad apps don’t support the flash animation files, or swf format file. Now, I have a solution for it. We can convert the flash animation into png files and load the png sequence in iphone, ipad apps to simulate the animation.

In Adobe Flash CS6, there are two new features to export MovieClip animation to a set of png sequence files or png sprite sheet. In this IOS programming tutorial, I will show you an example about how to export the MovieClip to png sequence files and animate png files in IOS apps.
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Create CSS Animation in HTML5 Games

New Update: HTML5 Animation for IE, Chrome and Firefox

There are several ways to create animation in HTML5 games. I am going to show you how to create HTML5 animation by CSS 3 in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE. To make the CSS animation, we need to get a sprite sheet animation png files, which you can:

  1. Create Sprite Sheet Animation From Flash
  2. Convert GIF Animation to Sprite Sheet Animation

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Android View Animation Example

Related Tutorial: Android Animation in Flappy Bird Game

Android View Animation is the basic animation in android system. It lets us perform tween animation on View objects easily. A view animation can perform a series of simple transformations sequentially or simultaneously, all depending on how you set the animation start time. Android view animation can make animation on any View objects, such as ImageView, TextView, or Button objects. View animation can only animate simple properties like position, size, rotation, and transparency.

Android View Animation can be defined by either XML or Android Java code. According to Google suggestion, XML is recommended way because of its readable, reusable and swappable. In this view animation example, I am going to show you how to define the animation in both XML and code.
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