If you are looking for tablets with USB port, I am going to tell you this is the right place. Here I will list some popular tablets and compare with each other. I will show you which tablet will be the right choice for you.

Currently, when we talk about tablets, the first tablet comes in my mind is always iPad, no matter iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3. As we know, all apple devices have their own special port called lightning. It is a special port is only supported by apple. You cannot connect any USB devices with your tablets, or you have to buy a very expensive adapter to connect.

If you want to use your USB keyboard or USB mouse on your tablets, you’d better to choose a tablet which has a USB port. In this case, Android tablets will be the best choice for you.

New Update: Tablets with USB Port Review 2016
In 2016, there are lots of new tablets released in the market. These new models have more powerful processor, bigger memory and internal storage. More important, the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. Please check our latest tablets review to get the best deal tablets.

Tablets with USB Port Review 2016

Android Tablets with USB Port Under 100

If you are under limited budget, you can try to get an Android Tablet with USB port under 100. Actually, there are lots of android tablets are under $50, which has full USB port, HDMI port, quad cpu, dual cameras, and SD slot for you to extend external storage. Find more tablets under $100 here.

Dragon Touch Y88X 7 inch Quad Core $49.99
NeuTab N7 Pro (Not available in 2016) $49.99


Dragon Touch Y88X 7 inch Quad Core

High Performance Android Tablets with USB Port

If you don’t have budget issue, I suggest you can choose the Samsung tablet. Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the best android tablet in the world, comes with micro USB 2.0 port.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Android Tablet Review

Windows Tablets with USB Port

Windows tablet Surface is the first tablet which has full size USB 3.0 port. It brings the same user experience from laptop to tablet, but gives better mobility. It is light and powerful. You can use most of the software on this tablet which you are using on laptop all the time. For example, you can use full version of Windows Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even Photoshop.

The full size USB 3.0 port gives you the flexibility to connect your tablet with USB mouse, USB keyboard, or external USB hard drive at a extremely high speed. If you want to find a tablet to replace your laptop, Microsoft Surface Windows tablet will be the best choice.

surface pro featured

Microsoft Surface Tablets Review

Why USB port is so important for tablets?

Most of the tablets come with USB port, even micro USB port. We charge our tablets by connecting them to a computer or a charger by USB cable. However, the USB port on tablets are not only designed for charging, but the USB ports also allow us to connect your tablets with any other USB interface device, such as USB mouse, USB keyboard, or even USB hard drive, USB thumb drive, USB modem or USB printer.

What is Micro USB Port?

The micro USB port is a standard USB port on mobile and tablets. As smaller than full size USB port, the micro USB are widely used to make mobile phone and tablets thinner and thinner. Usually, when you get the device, you will get a micro USB to full size USB cable to enable you connect the tablets to charger or computer.

Tablets with Full Size USB 2.0 Port

Most of the tablets with USB port are USB 2.0. The USB 2.0 standard is released in April 2000. The high speed is at 480 Mbps. Though the micro USB is different from full size USB port, they have the same transfer speed.

Tablets with Full Size USB 3.0 Port

USB 3.0 standard is a new USB standard which can support much faster transfer speed than USB 2.0. Because it is too new, there are rare tablets in the market having USB 3.0 port. As I know, the only tablet who has USB 3.0 port is Microsoft Surface Windows tablet.

How to Connect USB Mouse/Keyboard to Tablets with Micro USB Port

Since most of the tablets come with micro USB port, we cannot directly connect our USB mouse or USB keyboard on this type of devices. To connect them, we need a Micro USB to USB OTG Host Adapter. It is only $1.00 to $5.00 on Amazon, depending on different brand.


Micro USB to Full Size USB OTG Host Adapter

How to Copy Files From USB Hard Drive or Flash Drive to Tablet with USB Port

If your tablet has usb port, it will be a piece of cake to copy files from your USB portable hard drive or thumb drive to your tablet. First of all, you need to know which type of USB port your tablet has. Some tablets have micro USB port, but some have full size USB port. As my experience, most of the Android tablets are coming with micro USB port. In this case, you need a USB OTG Host Adapter to connect your usb hard drive with your tablet. Second, your tablet must have USB OTG functionality. This will make sure that your tablet will recognize the portable hard drive or thumb drive when you connect them.

If you have a Microsoft Surface or Surface Pro, you don’t have any problem to connect your USB device to your tablet with USB port, as the Surface tablet has a full size USB port which supports all the USB devices in the world.

Connect Tablet to USB Dongle

Do you tablet support 4G or 3G network? I know the tablets with 4G module are more expensive than tablets which only support wifi network. If you tablet has USB or micro USB port, you can connect the USB dongle to your tablet devices. In this way, your tablets can access the 4G LTE network on the fly.

Action: Connect USB Mouse and Keyboard on Android Micro USB Port

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    1. I have a camera used to put iPad gallery all my photo album. Or iPhone as well.. or usb copy input channel is the same time as well.
      I find it awesome thanks again USB port. I love it.

  1. Agree with above, great collection of info, well presented. Thanks

    What powers that USB hub ? Is it the tablet ?
    Could you be charging the tablet through the micro-usb at the same time as using the mouse & keyboard ?


    1. Hi,

      You need to find a powered USB hub. However, some usb hub supports supply extra power through micro USB port, but the extra power only charge for accessories such as mouse keyboard etc,can not charge for smartphone or tablet.

      I find one usb hub which can charge the tablet while connecting other usb device. Check the product review here:

      Micro Usb HUB Adapter with Power Powered

  2. I want to buy a bluetooth keyboard and stand for my tablet. The one I am looking at has 2 usb ports that states they are for charging devices. Can I use one of these to run a usb mouse?

    1. You need to make sure with the vendor about it. Usually, the USB which is used by charging could connect other device, but it is not always working. Actually USB interface has 4 pins, 2 for power, 2 for data. You’d better make sure that those 2 usb on your device has capability to connect usb mouse.

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