Linux Cloud Server Configuration Handbook

Cloud computing is famous since early 2000. Now it becomes to be necessary for any companies who want to host a website, run an online service, or start e-commerce business. To cut the cost, Linux will be the first choice, just because it is powerful but free. However, for people like me who don’t have any experience with Linux server, it could be a little bit hard to handle. I think it will be helpful to share my 3 days experience on Linux cloud server.
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The Best Outdoor Portable Charger: Solar Powered Battery Charger

It is a long time ago that cell phones could last for weeks before they needed to be charged up. With the advances in technology for cell phones—smart phones are essentially small computers—it’s only logical that the battery needs to be charged more often.

If you’re like me, you’ve definitely had more than one “scary” moment when you realized that you needed to charge your phone but didn’t have an outlet you could plug your traditional charger into. For a while, my solution was to use a car charger, but that’s not always feasible. I didn’t like having to leave events to sit in my car and wait for my phone to charge.

Eventually, I overheard one of my friends talking about an outdoor portable charger. I did some research on my own and came across the concept of portable solar powered battery charges. So not only were the chargers portable, they ran on solar energy—a win win. I made it my little mission of sorts to find the very best outdoor portable solar powered charges for smart phones, and I hope this information will be useful to anyone with the same dilemma I used to have.
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Turn Your Car into Android Car:Android in Dash Car Stereo

There are a lot of nifty gadgets you can install in your car nowadays–and we’re not just talking regular old car stereos! Common installations in modern cars include DVD player built right into the dashboard to a handy GPS to a camera and even a backup camera for extra safety! If you’re like me, you love to take advantage of new, modern technology to make your car the best it can be. But there is one problem: as wonderful as all these gadgets are, it can be time consuming, expensive, and even battery consuming to install all of these gadgets on their own!
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5 Steps to Clean Hacked WordPress Website

In January, one of my website was hacked. The symptom was when I access the website, it only show a white screen in the browser. I didn’t pay much attention on that, just restore the whole website from a early backup. However, it was just the beginning of the nightmare. After one month, all my websites were hacked on the same share hosting. Now it becomes a serious problem. And two of my websites are already marked as “Malware code injection”. Then my cleaning hacked WordPress website journey is beginning.
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PayPal IPN SSL Connection Error Solution

As critical security issue on SSL 3.0, PayPal will shut down their integration protocol SSL 3.0 to ensure safer transactions. The SSL 3.0 security protocol has been used for 15 years and now it’s time to be replaced. After PayPal disable SSL 3.0 protocol, all old integrations will be affected. Instead of SSL 3.0 protocol, we can use new protocol Transport Layer Security (TLS).
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