Install Nginx and PHP in Linux Cloud Computing Sever

OK. This is another article about installing Nginx in Linux, excuse me, in Linux cloud server. In the article, you will find lots of steps which are mentioned in other website. So, why do I write another article for this old fashion topic?

I am currently configuring my Linux server which were purchased two weeks ago from a cloud computer vendor, the most famous one. During the configuration process, I start from Google search and gather all necessary knowledge from several websites. The problem is here. There is no one website which can give me a full technical note to help me successfully setup the web service with Nginx. So here is the motivation for me to write this article.
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Linux Cloud Computing Server Howto

This is my second article talking about Linux cloud computing server. As a full stack developer, it seems to be out of my scoop. However, as a beginner in Linux Cloud computing industry, I think it will be a good idea to share my problems and solutions when I am working on Linux cloud computing server.
Usually, here is the normal working process on Linux cloud computing server:

  1. Estimate hardware requirement including CPU, memory, storage, I/O, or GPU (more and more tasks use GPU now), and networking.
  2. Purchase cloud computing server from vendor such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.
  3. Use SSH to login Linux server and setup software and services.

However, things don’t always happen the way you plan them to happen. This time, I need a Linux cloud server to setup Web server with database. One of my friend have a free one and share that one with me. He passes me the username, password and IP address to access the server. I know nothing about the server but the system is Linux. So I login the server and try to find out following information about the server:

  1. CPU information
  2. Memory information
  3. Storage
  4. System information
  5. Software and Service
  6. Users and Groups

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WordPress Plugin Localization with NPM and Grunt

Localization is very important if you want your applications to be used world wide. These days I was trying to create a WordPress plugin and my last job is localizing it in Chinese version. WordPress uses the gettext libraries and tools for i18n (internationalization). Though PHP provides a great built-in functions for localization, WordPress defines its own function __() to handle the job. In WordPress developer website, they only provide the direction but not the details about how to localize the plugin. I spend two days to successfully localize my WordPress. I find the materials is not enough on WordPress website and it’s better to gather all information in one page. Therefore, I decide to write this WordPress plugin localization guide. This tutorial will demonstrate how to localize a WordPress Plugin step by step.
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Git Tutorial for Beginners

Today, everybody is using Git to manage project version control job. Here I don’t want to mention how hot the Git is. But I want to say that if you don’t know how to use Git, you will be out of the IT industry. As an old IT developer, I has been working on SVN for several years. To be honest, it is tough to move from SVN to Git, though Git is a little bit similar with SVN. However, we must follow the trend. The best way to learn how to use Git is starting a new project and using Git to manage the version control in command line. In this post, I will record how I start my first project with Git. I think it will be very helpful for another people who is new to Git. As a beginner, I may make some mistakes here. So please leave a reply if you find any mistakes.

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5 Tips to Clean Hacked Joomla Website

This is my first time to realize how important to keep a website secure. Actually, it is my second time as my another WordPress website got hacked several months ago, and I posted an article “5 Steps to Clean Hacked WordPress Website” to share how I clean my WordPress website from hacking. But this time, the job is much tougher. Joomla is more complicated than WordPress (of course more powerful). Therefore, clean a hacked Joomla website become a very annoying job.
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