Android Animation Example: Flappy Bird Up And Down

Last week, we talk about basic Android animations and I also give several Android animation examples to explain how to apply animation on image views in Android. In this android development tutorial, I will use the same Android API to implement the flappy bird 2D animation. Flappy bird is a very simple but popular game in past few weeks. If you don’t know how flappy bird animation is, you can search on youtube or you can check my example below.

flappy bird animation example

Download And Install Example App On Your Android

You can install this android example app and try this animation example on your android device. You can click following link to start downloading or scan the QR code below to install this app directly on your android device.

Click here to download .apk file


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Android Design Business Tips for Beginner

These days, designing can be done with ease by using today’s modern technology. Unlike in the old days, you don’t need to draw images merely using pen and pencil. Today, you can create images in perfect shapes and design on your own PC. That’s where android technology comes very useful. This “robotic” technology is designed by Google which resembles or even exceeds human capabilities. Such type of operating system is used on mobile devices which can be employed in many ways, of which designing is one of them.

You can’t just jump into Android design business without knowing it and trying it out by yourself. When you have developed the skill to use it, you can start making money from your design business. Android operating system can be used to design applications. There are several important things that you need to remember when you start your android design business.
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Add Admob Ads in Flash Based Android Apps

For many flash game designers and developers, Android platform is one of the best targets for them to monetize their games. However, without the native support from main advertisement platform like Admob, making money is becoming impossible with free android games. Start from Flash cs5.5, Flash Air gives us a method to use functions from outside native library. For example, we can control Android device volume or device display brightness by native Java code. As we make it as a native extension library, and we can call functions in this library from Flash.

With Flash Air native extensions, we can integrate Admob in flash games and publish them in google play and app store. In this tutorial, I will show some examples about how to write an Admob Flash Air native extensions, and how to put Admob Ads in the flash games.

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Decide Android App Screen Size

Different from iPhone and iPad, live wallpaper is one of the personalization features to customize Android phones and Android tablets. A live wallpaper on Android is used as background on home screen which animates and changes basing on user actions or over time in the day. As Android developers and designers, we can implement our own live wallpaper and monetize it as an Android applications. Hence, I decide to create a series of tutorials to show how to design a live wallpaper for Android device and monetize it by published in Google Play Store.

In this series of tutorials, I will divide my tutorials into 4 parts:

  • Android Animated Live WallPaper Tutorials 1: Decide Android App Screen Size
  • Android Animated Live WallPaper Tutorials 2: Make Android WallPaper Service
  • Android Animated Live WallPaper Tutorials 3: Make Interactive Android Live Wallpaper
  • Android Animated Live WallPaper Tutorials 4: Monetize Android Live Wallpaper in Google Play Store

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Add AdMob with Google Play Service

The Admob service is integrated in Google Play. After August 1, 2014, Google Play will stop accepting new or updated apps which are using the standalone AdMob SDK. Adding AdMob in android app seems to be easy. But it still takes me half of the day to run the app on my android phone successfully. In this Android example, I will show you how to integrate AdMob from Google Play services in your android apps.

Try Example Android App

You can download and install this android app by click the following link, or scan the following QR code to download and install on your android phone simply. If you feel it is helpful, please support me by clicking the banner inside the app.

Download and Run AdMob Example App on Your Android Phone
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