Android App Loading Local JSON Configuration File

For Android App development, the most common question is how to initialize the application when launching the app. The most simple way to initialize the Android app is doing the job in OnCreate function of your Activity class, especially for Activity related init work. In this tutorial, I will show you how to load a built-in JSON file to initialize a ListView with word and images.
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Memorize English Android App Tutorial: Start From Planning

I decide to start a new tutorial session to go through the whole android development process. In this tutorial session, I will demonstrate how to design the android app, how to develop the android app, how to release it in Google Play app store, and how to monetize the android app. The tutorial is basing on the real Android App: Memo English-Fruit Master. You can download this app from the Google Play.
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Memo English Fruit Master – My First Android App On Google Play

In last month, I have created a new Android app, Memo English: Fruit Master. The purpose of this app is helping me to remember some fruits name in English. I collect 75 most common fruits in this app. Some of them are quite challenge actually. In this app, you can learn the fruit name in English, listen the voice over and do some spelling practice to remember the English word. Currently, I am using Google Translate to localize this app in Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
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Android Canvas Example: Draw Sprite Sheet Animation on Canvas

Android provides several ways to implement Animations. But for different situation, we have to choose different approach. For example, if we want to create a menu dropdown animation or view slider effect, we can choose Android tweened animation. It is the basic Android animation engine which animated the view’s position, size, rotation. In this article Android View Animation Example, I have talked about this. Here is another case, if we want to create a loading icon animation or a character with regular animation, Android frame by frame animation mechanism is the best choice. You can find more information in this article Android Frame Animation Example in Flappy Bird.

However, all animation mechanisms mentioned above are still not enough to cover all scenarios. For example, how can I control the frame rate in frame by frame animation? We can start or stop the frame by frame animation, but how to pause the animation. To solve these problem, I suggest we can use sprite sheet animation. In Android, we can create a sprite sheet animations by drawing frames on Canvas within SurfaceView. In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw images on Canvas within Thread frame by frame. The frame rate is controlled by thread sleeping.

sprite sheet animation in Android
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