Difference Between Kindle and Tablets

If you want to find a cheap eBook reader, then you shall choose Kindle. It is the only answer many questions. It is the best and cheapest ebook reader in the world. Before I may not have the right to claim it, but now I have after my wife bought one from Amazon. When the wife want to buy some electronic devices, she will ask her husband to research and help her to find the right one. Just like many husbands, I take this responsibility after my wife want to have an ebook reader. I heard about Kindle before, but there are lots of confusion on Kindle like “is it a tablet” or “is it the same as Kindle Fire”. I think many people will have this kind of problems. I will share my opinions on kindle and I hope it will help you to understand more about Kindle before you decide to buy.
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Tablets with USB Port Review 2015

If you are looking for tablets with USB port, I am going to tell you this is the right place. Here I will list some popular tablets and compare with each other. I will show you which tablet will be the right choice for you.

Currently, when we talk about tablets, the first tablet comes in my mind is always iPad, no matter iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3. As we know, all apple devices have their own special port called lightning. It is a special port is only supported by apple. You cannot connect any USB devices with your tablets, or you have to buy a very expensive adapter to connect.

If you want to use your USB keyboard or USB mouse on your tablets, you’d better to choose a tablet which has a USB port. In this case, Android tablets will be the best choice for you.
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NeuTab 7 Inch Android Tablet Review 2016

Update 2016:
In 2016, if you want to own a powerful Android tablet under 100, you have a better choice now. The Fire tablet, which is from Amazon, is starting shipping for $49.99.

Fire tablet has 7 inch display, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, which is newer and more powerful than NeuTab 7 inch Android tablet.

Get it cheaper on Amazon

If you are trying to buy an Android tablet under 100 with fully functional, then you can consider this tablet, NeuTab 7 Inch Android tablet or its sibling NeuTab 7 Pro. NeuTab 7 is one of the best budget android tablets which has dual camera, HDMI port, and USD 2.0 port. This budget tablet has good specs and an even better price tag to match. With this dirt cheap price, NeuTab 7 is fully functional to handle any app or game.

If you want to buy an Android tablet under 100 dollars soon, I highly recommend you the NeuTab 7 Pro, the upgrade version of NeuTab 7. It is first released in 2015, with quad core processor which is 70% faster than the older version NeuTab 7. Most importantly, it is better than old version, but even cheaper. It only cost $49.99 and you will get a fully functional android tablet with quad core processor, dual camera, and full usb port. Now, let’s see what you can get with NeuTab 7 Pro.
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Dragon Touch 7 Inch Android Tablet Review 2015

New Review: Dragon Touch 10 Inches Tablet with USB Port Under $100

If you are trying to search for the best androids tablet under $100, then I have to suggest this android tablet, Dragon Touch. You may never hear about this brand before. But it already has 14 tablet products including android tablets and windows tablets. Dragon Touch tablets are mainly in 7 inch and 10 inch. All of them are equipped with fast quad core cpu and high resolution screen. To be surprised, all dragon touch android tablets are under $100.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S Android Tablet Review 2015

As an Android mobile and tablet giant, Samsung has a big Android product family. Till 2015, Samsung has released their new Android phone Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge and Galaxy S 6 after their last Android phone Samsung Galaxy Note Edge released in late 2014. In the Android tablet product line, their high-end tablet Galaxy Tab S was released in July 2014 which can still be considered as one of the best Android tablets in the world. To meet the all needs of world wide customers, Samsung also has an inexpensive but high performance Android tablet Galaxy Tab 4 which comes in 8 inch and 10 inch screen as well. Here is my Samsung android tablet review which may help you to choose the right one.
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